Doctor of Philosophy (Art History) program at the University of Adelaide. Unsubmitted Thesis: The Big Bad Wolf: The Canine Motif in Representations of Otherness in Sixteenth-Century German Prints
Supervisors: Dr. Lisa Mansfield, Dr. Claire Walker, Dr. Abaigeal Warfield.

Masters of Art (Studies in Art History)
University of Adelaide
Courses: Early Modern European, Australian, Modern, and Contemporary Art
Dissertation: The Image and Identity of the Alchemist in Seventeenth-Century Netherlandish Art
Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Mansfield

Bachelor of Arts in History and International Studies
University of Adelaide
Electives in Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Politics.


Going to the Dogs: The Foreign and Religious Other in German Renaissance Prints, Otherness: Studies and Essays (Special Issue on Animal Alterity), 5.2, 2016, pp. 111-151.


Invited Talks
The Werewolf in German Renaissance Prints During the Witch Trials, in connection with the exhibition, Lupercalia, Adelaide Central Gallery, Adelaide Central School of Art, 13 April 2019.

The Canine Motif in Representations of Otherness in Sixteenth-Century German Prints, Cocktails in the Barr Smith Library; an evening for donors, 25 September 2017.

The Big Bad Wolf: Representations of the ‘Other’ and ‘Outsider’ in German Renaissance Prints, Art History Club, University of Adelaide, 30 September 2014.

Guest Lectures
Representations of Monsters in German Renaissance Prints, Northern Renaissance Art and Visual Culture at University of Adelaide (Semester 2, 2013). Course Coordinator: Dr Lisa Mansfield.


The Canine Motif in Representations of Otherness in Sixteenth-Century German Prints, Animal Intersections, Australasian Animal Studies Association Conference, 3-5 July 2017, University of Adelaide.

Monsters, Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern German Prints, Gendered Perspectives – 1st Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Gender/Women’s Studies Conference, June 18-19, 2014.
Flinders University.

Annual School of History and Politics Postgraduate Conference (2012-2018) (chairing 2015, 2017)


History: Europe, Empire and the World  (2013) Course Coordinator: Dr Claire Walker


Word, Image and Song: Celebrating 500 years of Luther’s Reformation, Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide (16 October-30 November, 2017) Co-curated with Abaigéal Warfield, Clara Stockigt, Jula Szuster, and Cheryl Hoskin.


The Bill Cowan Barr Smith Library Fellowship                                       2017
Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship      2012-2018

Cerae Journal
Extended committee – Copy-Editing                                                            2015 -2016
Peer-reviewed Australasian journal of medieval and early modern studies